Fuel Rate (P/L)
  • 50
  • 200
Runtime (Hrs/Year)
  • 50
  • 3500

Savings On....!

Solar Electric Tractor

    1. 1600 kgs, enough to generate traction in a farm
    2. 25 km, under the required limit for 30 35;HP tractors.
    3. Lower Operational and Maintenace Cost,zero emission and smoke,low noise and vibration makes the environment friendly .
    4. Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor with peak torque of * Nm produces enough power.
    5. * km, allowing farmers to complete farming and hauling operations.
    6. CANORX Solar Integrated 100% Electric Tractor is a technology enabled next generation fossil fuel free tractor
    7. In India's best climate, solar panels have become a more competitive source of electrical energy with reduced prices